QR code Acrylic Stand

Introducing our Acrylic QR Code Table Stand – a seamless fusion of technology and aesthetics, crafted to elevate your interactions. Designed with precision and versatility, these stands redefine convenience.


  • Tailored Ingenuity: Available in sizes that align with your needs, our Acrylic QR Code Table Stand seamlessly integrates with your environment.
  • Laser-Cut Perfection: Watch as laser-cut acrylic takes shape, forming a sleek canvas for your information.
  • Smart Design Integration: QR codes are meticulously printed on a durable sticker, which elegantly adheres to the acrylic, enabling swift access to information.

Elevate your communication with our Acrylic QR Code Table Stand – a modern solution where form and function unite to enhance user experience. Engage effortlessly today.

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